PUPSICLE is a premium iced treat, made from delicious fruit and vegetables, created just for dogs.


Pupsicle is a beautiful, premium iced treat created just for dogs.


Made in small batches by artisanal ice cream maker James and his team at Dann’s Farm in Norfolk, Pupsicle is dairy free, grain free and has no nasty artificial colours or flavourings. We only ever use tasty, farm-grown, human-grade fruit and vegetables to make Pupsicle, as we want only the best for our four legged friends. Just like you do!

Pupsicle was developed by Sarah, a trained and qualified puppy trainer based in London, and owner of two affenpinschers. She wanted to create a top quality treat that would help owners develop and improve their bond with their dogs, as well as being something beautiful, fun and joyful.

Pupsicle tubs can be found in select cafes and pet shops in East Anglia and London. 


Three delicious varieties

Pupsicle comes in small tubs, in three yummy varieties for your dog to enjoy:


Dogs get a huge amount of comfort from the act of licking; it is a pleasurable, calming and de-stressing activity for them. Holding a tub of Pupsicle for your dog to lick will help strengthen the lovely bond between you. The yummy real fruit and vegetables will give your dog a wonderful taste sensation, too, as well as being nutritious.



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Although Pupsicle looks absolutely delicious, it is for dogs only! 
Registered feed manufacturer: GB 226 3173
Pupsicle is a complimentary pet food for dogs.